League Of Legends LLA Finals

Popup Media delivered immersive extended reality (XR) productions for Riot Games League of Legends and Valorant 2021 Finals. Extending boundaries in live events and virtual productions.
Hosted in Mexico, the League of Legends LLA 2021 Finals and Valorant Challengers Series was a huge challenge after over a year of Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns in the region. For Riot, this meant producing a series of world class events in a venue with no audience and limited staff. To achieve this, they teamed up with PopUp Media, a Riot Games creative and production partner since 2017.
The complete solution powering this incredible immersive experience included the core Unreal Engine from Epic Games, Zero Density toolsets powering 11 LED walls with different aspect resolutions and in venue AR, EZtrackĀ® for all centralized camera and object tracking, Vizrt on-air graphics and Sony cameras for extended AR perspectives. Popup Media combined all creative into workflows that were optimized for producers and operators during all live events.

Tessellation delivered graphics, programming, and on site setup.