ESC eSkooter Championship

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Popup Media and Tessellation team up again. This time, with the incredible team Boombox for production.

Tessellation delivered graphics with Popup, programming, and on site setup. Oaro nailing the tracking. Popup in charge of (as always) awesome artistic direction and incredible dynamic graphics.

The eSkootr Championship (eSC) is a completely new category of sport that will see riders racing specially developed electric scooters around eSC-designed circuits in the heart of the city and at speeds of more than 100 km/h. Starting in London in May 2022, the ground-breaking series will be truly gender neutral, attracting athletes from diverse backgrounds to make up eSC's line-up of riders. Through the engaging and exciting platform of sport, eSC will also promote the use of safe and sustainable micromobility transportation in urban areas. eSC will take learnings in safety, design and technology from the track to consumer road electric scooter development.
Making a positive impact as it races in the heart of cities around the globe, eSC offers the opportunity to be part of an organisation that transcends sport. ‍